Middle School

*America the Beautiful 6th-8th

Tutor: Bonnie McKinley  Email:  roundedemail

Drama 6th-12th 

Tutor: Jennifer Ryan  Email: roundedemail

Exploring Cupcakes 7th-12th  (Fall Only)

Tutor: Ruth LaMarr  Email: roundedemail

*French 1  7th-12th

Tutor: Mrs. Papanicolau

Fundamentals of Art 6th-8th

Tutor: Jessica Comrie  Email: roundedemail

*Russian 7th-9th  (returning students only)

Tutor: Jennifer Ryan  Email: roundedemail

*Spanish 1 7th-8th

Tutor: Mrs Papanicolau 

*Spanish 2  8th-12th

Tutor: Mrs. Papanicolau

*Us History: Civil War-Great Depression 7th-8th

Tutor: Charlene Hoell  Email: roundedemail

*Writing Skills 7th-8th

Tutor: Kristen Weddle  Email:roundedemail