*American Sign Language-101  5th-6th  FULL

Tutor: Lynn Middleton Email:

*Cartography 6th-7th  Waitlist Only

Tutor: Kristen Weddle  Email:

Character of Heroes 2nd-4th  

Tutor: Nicole Henry  Email:

Drama 6th-12th   (click here for description of help needed by parents) FULL

Tutor: Jennifer Ryan  Email:

Elementary Music 3rd-4th

Tutor: Cindy Denio  Email:

Exploring Cupcakes 6th-8th (Fall Only)

Tutor: Ruth LaMarr  Email:

*Exploring Math through Art and Games 3rd-4th  FULL

Tutor: Marth James  Email:

*Geography & Cultures 5th-6th (meets both days)

Tutor: Mary Ayotte  Email:

*Intro to Russian Language and Culture 5th-7th

Tutor: Jennifer Ryan  Email:

*Intro to Nutrition 3rd-4th (Spring Only)   FULL

Tutor: Marissa Federico  Email:

*Intro to Science 3rd-4th (Fall Only)   FULL

Tutor: Marissa Federico Email:

*Journey Through the USA 4th-5th  FULL

Tutor: Lynn Middleton  Email:

Modern Etiquette and the Art of Making Conversation 6th-8th

Tutor: Donna Collins  Email:

*NH History 4th-6th

Tutor: Lynn Reif  Email

*Pilgrims Progress 5th-6th

Tutor: Charlene Hoell   Email:    

Sewing School 1st-2nd Waitlist Only

Tutor: Joan Comrie  Email:

*STEM Activities from A-Z 1st-2nd

Tutor: Jessica Comrie  Email:    

*The History of America 5th-6th  

Tutor: Bonnie McKinley  Email: