high school

AGAPE Band 6th-12th

Tutor: Cindy Denio  Email: 

*American Literature 11th-12th

Tutor: Charlene Hoell  Email: 

*Chemistry 10th-12th

Tutor: Michelle Cavanaugh  Email:

Drama 6th-12th

Tutor: Jennifer Ryan  Email:

*Foundations in Personal Finance

Tutor: Robin Gault  Email: 

*French 2  8th-12th

Tutor: Mrs. Papanicolau


Tutor: Rich Welch  Email: 

*Health in Christian Perspective and Life Management Under God  (Fall Only)

Tutor: Karin Marineau  Email:

*Practical Critical Thinking 8th-10th  (Fall only)

Tutor: Kathryn Hande  Email: 

*Spanish 1  7th-12th

Tutor: Mrs. Papanicolau

*Spanish 2  8th-12th

Tutor: Mrs. Papaniclau

*Windows to the World

Tutor: Pauline McKivergan  Email:

*World Geography 8th-10th

Tutor: Kathryn Hande  Email: 


Tutor: Kellie Welch  Email: