*Apologia Anatomy & Physiology 5th-6th FULL

Tutor: Nicole Henry  Email:

Art Around the World 1st-2nd FULL

Tutor: Kristen Weddle  Email:

*Astronomy 3rd-5th FULL

Tutor: Elaine McGrath  Email:

Band 6th-12th

Tutor: Cindy Denio Email: 

Character of Heroes 2nd-4th FULL

Tutor: Nicole Henry  Email:

*Christ in Narnia 5th-6th FULL

Tutor: Charlene Hoell  Email:

Drama 3rd-5th FULL

Tutor: Jodi Moore  Email:

Drama 6th-12th FULL

Tutor: Jennifer Ryan  Email:

*Fun with Math through Art, Crafts, Games & More 3rd-5th FULL

Tutor: Martha James  Email:   

*History/World Geography 4th-5th FULL

Tutor: Amie Jones  Email:

*Journey Through the World 5th-6th FULL

Tutor: Lynn Middleton  Email:

*NH History 4th-5th FULL

Tutor: Lynn Reif  Email: 

*Our America 1st-2nd

Tutor: Natalie Franklin  Email:

Patterns of Evidence 4th-6th  (6 week special)

Tutor:  Amie Jones  Email:

PE & Recess Games 1st-3rd (Fall Only)   FULL

Tutor: Bonnie McKinley  Email:

*Writing for Fun 3rd-5th (Fall Only)   FULL

Tutor: Elaine McGrath  Email:

*Writing Skills 6th-7th FULL

Tutor: Kristen Weddle  Email: