Middle School

Band 6th-9th

Tutor: Cynthia Denio  E-mail

Crochet Basics for Beginners 7th-12th (Fall Only)  FULL

Tutor: Kara & Kim Daggett E-mail

*CSI Mysteries 7th-12th (Fall Only)    FULL

Tutor: Jodi Moore  E-mail

Drama 6th-8th

Tutor: Arlene Marquis  E-mail

Elsie Dinsmore Book Club for Girls 6th-8th (Spring Only)

Tutor: Bonnie McKinley  E-mail


Exploring Cupcakes 6th-8th (Spring only)

Tutor: Ruth LaMarr  E-mail

*French 1  7th-12th FULL

Tutor: Mrs. Papanicolau

*General Science 6th-8th FULL

Tutor: Laura Stockton  E-mail

*Going on Vacation - 50 States 6th-8th FULL

Tutor: Cindy Westhoff E-Mail:

*My Side of the Mountain Themed Survival Class 6th-8th (Fall Only) FULL

Tutor: Kathryn Hande E-mail:

*Spanish I  7th-12th  FULL

Tutor: Mrs. Papanicolau

Teen Arts & Crafts - Just for Girls 7th-12th  (Spring only) FULL

Tutor: Kathryn Hande  E-mail  

*World Literature 8th-9th  FULL

Tutor: Pauline McKivergan  E-mail